Our Story

American Harvest Vodka is distilled from Organic winter wheat grown on an American family farm in Rigby, Idaho. Winter wheat is wheat that is planted from September to December and harvested in Early July. The organic and regenerative approaches to agriculture focus our farmers make ensure our wheat is grown in healthy soil with minerals, organic matter, water, air, and microorganisms; the key in having a sustainable amount of nutrients for our product to grow. Also made with water gathered from deep beneath the Snake River plain in the American West, American Harvest Organic Vodka is column-stilled, with pure and quality ingredients from the beginning.


Crafted and distilled in Rigby, Idaho, the family owned and operated American distillery operates responsibly with hardworking and dedicated people that embody the American Spirit. Where making a handcrafted, quality product is second nature. 

No artificial additives or preservatives.

Meet The Farmers

From 1000 Springs Mill

1000 Springs Mill in Buhl, Idaho is a locally owned, third generation organic and NON-GMO organization producing products to benefit the local community. Our passion is Healthy People, Healthy Future. Being local farmers isn’t what we do, it’s who we are. 


The Mason and Cornie families have been farming in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. They have been pioneer partners in the local organic farming movement, focusing on healthy soil, thus healthy people, bringing forth a healthy future.

"We are local third generation farmers that have came together as a family to produce a more healthy lifestyle for everyone with organic and non gmo. Growing up in a farming community and family, our knowledge has helped us join together a team. First our team starts with our family."

From Farm To Table

1000 Springs Mill to Your Family

From the first seed planted on the farm to your family's table, American Harvest Organic Vodka is 100% traceable with all ingredients, bottling, and distilling made right here in America, bringing an organic clean vodka to your table every time.